About us

Dahl Sweden Mobile Technology was founded in 2011 by Robin Dahl and Sören Alm when the two entrepreneurs joined forces with a shared vision to continually develop and produce smart phones and tablets with Swedish design and quality that would be available for everyone.

DAHL Sweden Mobile Technology AB (publ) (“DAHL”) was founded in 2011 as a result of the network, experience and qualifications gained by Robin Dahl within the mobile telephone sector, in which he had been operating since early 2000. Robin possessed technical knowledge, market expertise and the relevant production contacts but was lacking experience in structuring and finance. Sören Alm was running a successful accounting and legal firm at the time, when Robin and Sören came into contact with one another. The result was a partnership that saw them develop, produce and sell mobile phones “smartphones”, tablets and accessories in specific markets where the large, more well-known manufacturers’ products were simply too expensive. Robin has, amongst other things, worked with Texas Instruments in the US and during his 12 years in China, established vital contacts with Foxconn and Wingtech, which are two of the world’s largest manufacturers of mobile phones.

Foxconn currently makes phones for Sony and Apple. By working closely with these and other leading manufacturers, DAHL is positioned to offer phones and tablets that are competitively placed against other worldwide brands, but also at significantly more attractive prices to the customer, as DAHL does not have the same overhead costs. DAHL has identified trends and opportunities in markets that demand cheaper models, products that are both good quality and have good functionality but at cheaper prices. DAHL’s sales focus is on developing countries and has delivered products to customers in Gambia, Mauritania, Morocco, Burkina Faso, Sierra Leone and Vietnam. These markets are all experiencing strong expansion. As a Swedish company that stands for Swedish quality, solidity and reliability, DAHL has been met with great respect by the company’s current and potential customers, as well as by business partners. A new Swedish brand in a market that has, until now, been totally dominated by Asian companies, opens many doors.

Sören is currently Managing Director and Robin is Chairman, responsible for development, production and distribution. DAHL is seeking to list the shares of the Company on First North Nasdaq Stockholm during 2020. BUSINESS IDEA DAHL will develop, produce and sell smartphones, tablets, laptops and associated equipment, accessories and applications derived through the key concept of Swedish quality and Swedish design. These products shall be made available to selected markets through online trade, contracts with telecommunication distributors, agents, distributors and/or re-sellers.

The development will be done through innovation and the ambition of being one of the world’s leading brands when it comes to quality, technical specification and price. MARKET The global market for smartphones reached approximately 1.5 billion units sold in 2018, at an equivalent cost to the consumer of about SEK4,880 billion. Of these, 46% of the units sold retail between SEK1,400 – SEK3,800. DAHL’s entire smartphone product range currently retails below or within that price range. In addition to smartphones, some 500 million so called “feature phones” are sold annually, which are basically the simple button phones that were common in Sweden during the 1990’s. These are very popular in developing countries and are primarily sold on account of their affordable price, which is often less than SEK250 retail. This area of the market is also of interest to DAHL and we currently have two feature phone models that are sold for under SEK100 wholesale to re-sellers who on-sell to customers at retail prices between SEK150-200. Despite the low prices involved, this segment generates a decent profit for DAHL. This section of the market is not of interest to the largest producers, nor do they produce products to cater for this section of the market. It is nevertheless a segment of the market that, on a volume basis, is large and will continue to be so for quite some time.


Our mission

Develop and manufacture Swedish smartphones, tablets and accessories for the
global market with technical edge, high quality, attractive design at competitive prices.